Phosphorescent tape - Neon Pink

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Shine in the dark

Phosphorescent tapes are rolls of adhesive tape that will glow in the dark after storing light. They can be cut out and stuck to any object of your choice.

You can easily find your keys at the bottom of your bag, put your finger on the bathroom switch without waking everyone up at 3am, or even trace a signage path, inside or outside.

How long does phosphorescence last?

Depending on the length of exposure to light and its intensity, the duration of phosphorescence varies. We often read that phosphorescence can last for several hours. This is true, but it's important to remember that light intensity diminishes after about fifteen minutes, although a good glow persists for several hours. All it takes is a quick recharge and you're back in business!

There are an infinite number of objects to customize and atmospheres to create. You'll see, to try it is to adopt it, it's a little hard to stop. A perfect DIY activity to brighten up winter evenings.

Which color works best?

Yellow (which turns green) is the most effective color, both in terms of instantaneous emission and duration. Pink and orange remain close in terms of luminescence. As for blue, it becomes darker and closer to Klein.


    • The more light you expose the tape to, the brighter and longer it will glow in the dark.
    • The darker it gets, the more striking the phosphorescent effect. Just like those famous stars, remember, that we used to put above the bed for a "starry night" atmosphere.
    • Give free rein to your creativity and create objects or dazzling night-time atmospheres.
    • Despite its strength, pieces of adhesive can be removed and repositioned during installation.


    • Dimensions: 20mm x 3m
    • Material: Recyclable PET strip | recyclable cardboard roll
    • Weatherproof
    • No energy consumption


      • This is a fantasy object, not a substitute for compulsory safety equipment or regulatory lighting
      • This is not a toy