Barn Brands

We seek around the world to find uniqueness, look up and down to find the best qualities because we care about your little one as much as you do. Each and every item in store has been carefully picked by our team, because we only want to bring the best to you.


1+in the family

1+ in the family (pronounced “one more in the family”) is a Spanish brand for babies and toddlers aged 0 to 4 years old, founded in 2012 by designer Gemma Mases.

The brand makes elegant and versatile clothing for little ones in beautiful cuts from comfortable fabrics. Everything is designed and made in Barcelona and both Gemma and her husband Ignasi ensures that the highest quality are maintained. Their understated designs make the possibility to mix and match endless, and special attention is paid to the cuddly softness of their clothes to ensure your little ones’ maximum comfort.



Based in Berlin, Banwood create contemporary designs with a touch of mid-century charm. Influenced by Scandinavian design, the keywords throughout the creative process are simplicity, minimalism and functionality. Their focus lies in creating the finest first bikes for kids, as safe as they are timeless, and ones which will motivate children from an early age.

The bikes are designed in rustic and durable high-end materials. The frame is made of steel and the handlebar of aluminium. The saddle and grips are made of high end faux leather, a material suitable for all round weathers and easy to wipe off. Detachable wicker basket in rattan for packing the essentials in for a day’s adventure.

Committed to the environment and its protection, Banwood also partners with One Tree Planted to fight against deforestation.


Babyzen YOYO

The YOYO, the world's first luxury travel stroller, is the most compact, versatile and lightweight one on the market, seamlessly making life, and travel, easier than ever before. Features: Airline certified size of a carry-on bag. Folds, unfolds, and drives with one handed ease.

One of our best selling products and a favourite of ours in Barn!


BORN Copenhagen

BORN Copenhagen is a Danish design brand based in Copenhagen. Owned two mothers who care deeply about aesthetic design combined with functionality to make the everyday life easier and better for parents.

Their signature Babynests gives your baby a feeling of security and the soft sides helps to surround your baby, so it is reminiscent of the time in the womb. Made from 100% Organic Cotton Canvas and 100% Breathable Polyester Filling.


Ferm Living

From their base in Copenhagen, Ferm Living works with artisans around the world, fusing their Scandinavian mindset with global skills and traditions. Ferm Living creates collections of furniture, accessories and lighting, so you can create the perfect room for your little one to dream, day and night.



Hevea's story is all about sustainability, natural materials and waste-reduction. Every single product they make does good for kids' and is kind to the planet too.

It comes from the Latin name for the rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis. The natural rubber it produces is the foundation of their product range. Using natural rubber rather than synthetic rubber made from oil, acts against climate change by increasing the number of trees and cutting back on the use of fossil fuels.



Hvid is a soft knitwear brand made from 100% natural materials. Their goal is to ethically create quality-made goods - pure and kind.

Proudly made by Caroline Camerlynck, the finest knitting designs and high quality elements blend perfectly together in a durable Belgian collection. Creating designs that are sensitive and timeless, Camerlynck's search for warmth and softness has brought the designer to the creation of these delicate textiles, that comfort you in so many ways.


Kit & Kin

Kit & Kin is a play on the phrase Kith and Kin.

Kith comes from a word of Germanic origin meaning ‘known’. Kin is also of Germanic origin, from an Indo-European root meaning ‘give birth to’. Your kith are your friends or acquaintances, while your kin are all the people you are related to.

Kit & Kin has been created by co-founders Emma Bunton, Spice Girl, TV and radio presenter and UNICEF ambassador, and Christopher Money, Director of Product Development who brings over 15 years experience of developing mother and baby products for some of the world’s leading brand.

Both founders are very eco-focused and hence only sustainable materials that are oxo-biodegradable are used in the production of the nappies. The super absorbent core contains chlorine-free fluff pulp harvested from sustainably managed forests, the soft internal and outer lining are made with naturally derived, plant-based sustainable materials, and the front panels, tapes, anti-leak barriers and packaging are all made from an oxo-biodegradable material that can biodegrade within 3 to 6 years. 

Featuring a part natural high-tech absorbent core that uses significantly fewer chemicals than standard nappies and lasts up to 12 hours, Kit & Kin helps protect your baby’s soft delicate skin and safeguard it from sensitive skin problems like eczema and nappy rash.

Unlike most of plastic materials you find in standard nappies, Kit & Kin nappies are made with sustainable materials that are not only kinder to your baby’s skin but also helps to protect the future resources of our world.


Konges Sløjd

Konges Sløjd was founded in 2014 by Emilie Konge, an interior designer and stylist. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Konges Sløjd has quickly grown to be a recognisable name in Scandi style nursery decor.

It is simple, stylish and offers a versatile collection of quality conscious interior and clothing for the little ones.



Liewood was created by Husband and Wife duo Anne-Marie and Martin. Their ambition with Liewood Design is simple: to advocate slow living - creating products that will last for generations.

Liewood is based in Copenhagen where they have created a universe that is deeply rooted in the Nordic design traditions which marry so well with our Barn Scandiborn ethos. 


Linea Mama Baby

This Italian brand offers a large variety of cruelty-free cosmetics for children & adults. Created post-war by Olcelli Farmaceutici, Linea MammaBaby aims to offer safe and locally produced products. Entirely made in Italy, the cosmetic products from Linea Mamma Baby are made from organic plant extracts, dye free and paraben fee.



Maileg (pronounced My’lye) is a brand of charming Danish-designed toys created to inspire our children’s favorite playtime stories. By bringing storybook whimsy to everyday moments, Maileg toys help children explore the pure and simple wonder of imagination. Beloved for their heartwarming personalities, Maileg toys show playfulness and charm in every last detail. Theirs is a timeless world filled with beautiful accessories and settings to be collected, cherished and shared with friends and family for generations.


Meri Meri

“I’ve always loved the process of coming up with an idea and bringing it to life. Imagination is freedom,” Meredithe Stuart-Smith, the founder and president of Meri Meri.

Meri Meri has been using their imagination for over 30 years, from Meredithe creating the first hand-made cards on her kitchen table to the present studio of designers, illustrators and crafters conjuring up party products, decorations, children’s toys and stationery. Everything produced by Meri Meri undergoes an imaginative evolution, starting with that spark of a new idea through to the careful choice of a finish to make a product perfect. 



These anatomically correct dolls are vanilla scented to smell like a newly born baby.
The dolls have well-defined ethnic features to aid the identification of the most representative races. 

No BPA and made in Phytalates-free vinyl, they are soft and flexible to the touch.



The Barcelona brand Nobodinoz offers kids' furniture and home textiles that are soft, cute but also modern. An OEKO-TEX® class 1 certified brand, all products are made in Spain without the use of any toxic treatments, meaning that you have one less thing to think about when purchasing items for your little ones. They pay great attention t the their fabrics, which are woven, dyed and printed exclusively for the brand in Barcelona, and all their baby products are made from organic cotton.


Paper Collective & Mado

A Copenhagen based company have created a collection of educational, kind, loving and high quality posters perfect for children & playful adults rooms alike, reminding us all to Love, Play, Dare & Live. 

Their name MADO is Japanese for window, and their aim is for their products to act as a window to the world for your kids. A window that provides insight, outlook and through which many an adventure awaits.


Play Up

Founded by a Portuguese family with a strong background in the textile industry. 

Each collection is the product of their greatest commitment – 100% organic, they use almost exclusively accessories and raw materials certified according to Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, which means that they are free of harmful substances and suitable for direct contact with the skin, including the utmost sensitive skin of babies and small children. 


Danish Sebra Interior is about modern design and an innovative choice of colours, combined with old kinds of hand crafts such as crocheting and knitting. 

Much of the collection is hand-made in natural materials such as wool, cotton and wood, which stimulates the child’s imagination and creativity as well as satisfying our commitment for providing the highest of quality to your eyes.


A Dutch kids label, founded in 2016. It's for little and bigger kids
with an outspoken taste in the way they look. Quirky, colourful, bold and sunny. Colour blocking combined with patterns and illustrations. 

A large range of their products are all made from recycled pet bottles which matches nicely with our goal to work with suppliers that really make
an effort to be more environmentally friendly and ensure the production of products that are more sustainable. We take care of the planet together.