Vesa Chalk - Yellow Mellow Mix

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Let your child dive into a world of coloor and creativity with the Vesa chalk set. With 9 different colors and animal shapes, this pack arrives in a quality cardboard box, and can be used on pavements and blackboards, providing hours of artistic adventure. 


  •  Animal-shaped chalk 
  •  Fun and sensory shapes
  •  To use for pavement and black board
  •  Delivered in quality cardboard box
  • 100% Chalk


  • Croc: H3 x W10 cm
  • Whale: H4 x W5,5cm
  • Rabbit: H4 xW6 cm
  • Elephant: H5 x W5.5cm
  • Turtle: H4 x W6 cm
  • Giraffe: H8 cm