Wooden Toy - Garbage Truck

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Embark on the clean and green adventure with this wooden garbage truck!

It's not just a wooden toy, it's a playmate that teaches children the value of recycling in a fun and imaginative way. Imagine sorting applied to this pretty miniature world where each small piece of waste finds its place in this wooden garbage truck. 

Designed with high-quality materials, this sturdy toy inspires children to play while learning, turning the simple act of picking up trash into a fun adventure. With this wooden toy that rolls and articulates in different ways, each child learns about ecology and what it means to take responsible actions. 

This wooden garbage truck quickly becomes the hero of your little ones' games. It rolls on its large rubber wheels, can lift its trailer and cargo, load boxes of waste, and move its arm at the back of the truck.


  • Material: Wooden
  • Color: Green
  • Dimensions: L27 x W12 x H15 cm
  • Recommend age: 3-6 Years