Wooden Toy - Fire Truck Set

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Pim pon pim pon...The fire truck is coming!

Immerse yourself in the fiery world of childhood with this beautiful wooden toy: the Red Fire Truck! It's not just a wooden toy, it's a real dream of adventure that comes to life in the hands of our little budding heroes.

Imagine playing with your children, in the whirlwind of sirens and red alerts and hearing peals of laughter, while this wooden fire truck speeds straight towards the fire or emergency. A life-size wooden toy that roars towards your child's overflowing imagination. Its sturdy wheels roll over the roughest terrain, carrying dreams and stories to every imaginary street corner in the rooms of the house or even outside.

This wooden toy is not only a fire truck, it is also a guardian of dreams and imagination. Its carefully sculpted details and flamboyant red color honor the reality and heroism of the men of fire. This wooden toy with rubber wheels that rolls everywhere will inspire epic adventures and imaginary rescues.

Little budding firefighters will be amazed by its large mobile ladder, and the cabin located at the top to place a fire hero ready to save the world from fires.


  • Material: Wooden
  • Color: Red
  • Dimensions: L27 x W12 x H17 cm
  • Recommend age: 3-6 Years