Kitchen - Wooden - Grey

Regular price €199.95

Charming unisex children’s kitchen in wood which, with its beautiful shades of "Warm Grey" and natural wooden colours, will look good in any room in the home - the kitchen, the living room or nursery. The whole family will enjoy this wooden kitchen, and the little ones can really develop their cooking skills and imagination when mimicking mum’s and dad's doings in the kitchen in their miniature kitchen.
The kitchen calls for active play, cooking and cake baking and even the smallest chef will have plenty of opportunities to test their skills playing by the play stove.

The kitchen is equipped with a metal sink, faucet and two hotplates. In addition, it features an oven with an oven door that can be opened and closed and the kitchen stove’s two buttons can of course be rotated.   

  • Dimensions: 58 x 38 x 50 cm

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