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Changing Mat - Water Repellent - Dew Grey


This changing mat has a soft and water-repellent surface that is easy to clean. The baby-nest-like shape with high edges will help prevent your child from rolling off the mat. The soft edges also ensure that an active child who moves around during nappy changing will not hit their head against the back wall or the edge of the changing unit.

  • Material: Moulded PUR (polyurethane). PUR is a shock-absorbing material that can withstand high loads and has a very high wear resistance.
  • Cleaning: Clean the surface with a damp cloth; use water and normal soap – do not use alcohol-based cleaning products.
  • NOTE: Placement in direct sunlight can cause fading or a change in colour.
  • Dimensions: 65 x 51 x 8 cm

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